08 July 2019

Brings It All review of “Sweet or Mean” from American Blues Scene

“Trained in opera, but with the grit of Koko Taylor, Neals’ voice is like sand in a velvet bag, fired from a shotgun… The entire group of musicians making up Sweet Or Mean is stellar… Things get stormy with “Blackish Gray.” An on-again, off-again love story that’s so familiar it leaves you with the chills. Neals’ vocals are haunting, and Horowitz’ guitar calls down the thunder.”

No, I can’t go back anymore, I have come this far and if your studio work is not stellar it’s to costly for an indie musician to create without the best backing you up. Naturally Ted would be great and his ability to push his creative boundaries to fit in on my music then nudge my energy the right way is why this blues-rock EP is so special.

“The autobiographical “Bitten By the Blues,” has all the classic rock and blues aspects one would expect from an artist who claims them both (as well as 70s soul) as her major musical influences.”

Not only I can claim this great big piece of American pie, we all are influenced by it in our cars, clothes, walk, dialect, and who truly knows how much it has shaped us. I am lucky to be able to draw from such inspiration and write without thinking about those influences. I often don’t even hear the inspiration until the song is close to completion. Then again I just create and no matter what I work in an original realm starting with being from Detroit.

“Livin’ With Yo Mama.” The title alone grabbed our attention, but when the song began, our short hairs stood up. Sonically, this is the kind of nasty, hyper-electrified, gut-bucket blues that holds your huevos at knife point. A 100% ass-kicker from the jump..”

Ha Ha oh boy, this song has been around as long as I have been singing original blues songs. I delivered this song at Campus Martius downtown and I was not ready for the blow back… “don’t sing that,” and “who you talking about” and “I can’t stand those words.” All obviously from some man-boy who still is living at home with their moms. I’m sorry but it’s just funny and when I first started dating that’s all it was. I give you a pass if your actually helping your mom or some medical reason, otherwise move out or get a hotel room before having a date over.

“Has proven that women have every place in the blues world, and can run with the biggest dogs in the yard. Now comes Sweet Or Mean, leaving no doubt.”

THANK YOU American Blues Scene you guys are right on the pulse of whats happening and call it like you see it. I am thrilled to know you understand my musical ideas and appreciate them as true to the form and original as they can be. Thanks for listening and please read the review on their website AMERICAN BLUES SCENE!