09 July 2019

Don and Sheryl’s most powerful review ‘Sweet or Mean’

“For those not in the know, Eliza possesses one of the most powerful, raw, and bluesy voices in all of contemporary blues. She has a mesmerizing quality in everything she sings…”

Don and Sheryl understand the blues and review probably 100 albums a year. I am honored for them to recognize my voice in such a way. I know it’s difficult to write about every album some of them I can’t even imagine having to listen to. That being said the music business ‘is hard’ (quote Popa Chubby) and I commend anyone cranking out good to great music cause it is Hard.

“Nobody works a good ole bump’n’grind better than Eliza Neals, and she slows down the groove here for the tale of lovin’ a stone loser, who’s still “Livin’ With Yo Mama,” and “never graduated from high school!” Popa’s all over the fiery leads, and Dave’s keys are awesome here, as well.”

Speaking of hard well if a party does not have a couple of people kissing and dancing then it’s probably not a party. So I know how to start a party believe me, I have set fire to a few hot relationships from my stage. Lets start talking about “making love” then dating so “Livin’ with yo Mama,” falls right in on the set list. I wrote and performed this song years ago and it has finally been done it’s justice.

“You’d be more likely to find a picture of Popa with hair than hear him on acoustic guitar.”

Yes your going to hear a few things you may have not heard on my albums. Acoustic guitar, huh what? Acoustic guitar and Popa Chubby don’t usually go together but go take a listen. But first take a READ over on DON and SHERYL’S great writing about new music from across the globe. Thanks guys see you in Nashvegas or the D xx