10 July 2019

Blues and Roots Corner Solidbrick review ‘Sweet or Mean’

“The opening track “Pawn Shop Blues” is immediately like a Solidbrick house. On this smooth shuffle, with sturdy slide work by Popa Chubby, Eliza Neals manages to set the tone with her sturdy and raw voice. The subsequent groovy “Blackish Grey” drives a rolling and trailing guitar and bass line over which Eliza can pour out her raw vocals.”

Ok yes I use a website translator to make what looks like Sanskrit to me into English. The Netherlands Blues and Roots corner has shown me love in the past, understanding my vocals and writing.

“The funky “Bitten By The Blues”, on the other hand, sounds slightly more timid. But that’s short-lived when Popa takes the slide back in hand in “Livin With You Mama“, then with a scorching slide solo to highlight the case.”

Well funky is what I do everyday on a piano, a microphone with a pen and paper. Hours on the boards writing, refining, then writing again. Honestly, I then take the song to the public and let the audience decide if they like it. Sometimes the song if it’s not rehearsed well falls flat, or there are peaks and valleys in the audience. Nine times out of ten the people who came to hear me play dig the new stuff and tell me yes write that. DJ’s that I’m friends with now come to shows just to listen for the new songs.

“The first collaboration between Eliza Neals and Popa Chubby can be seen as a very successful one and delivers the very attractive EP Sweet Or Mean.”

A Party was had by all inside the studio and you can hear it on “Sweet or Mean.” I have been told I’m “dancing in my car,” “I jumped out of my seat!” So there you have it captured on recording! Thank you Blues and Roots Corner <- Read