12 July 2019

Reflections in Blue’s Jannis Etta Koko reviews Sweet or Mean

Reflections in Blue’s Chicken Willson knows his blues voices from Jannis to Etta and Koko. The old school writer compares Eliza Neals to each famous lady in his latest review.

ElizaNeals’ vocals are delivered with the grit and growl of Koko Taylor, the raw passion of Janis Joplin and the tenderness of Etta James. Neals incorporates elements of many of the styles of her influences… and she does it incredibly well.”

After a super review from Bill last time for “10,000 Feet Below” I’m glad he has the time to go and dig in even more. Thank you for the great words and your love of the blues…

“If a powerful rockin’ blues is your passion; you can’t go wrong. I recommend it highly.”