17 July 2019

The Rocker essential Sweet or Mean Review

“… self penned material is up to her usual high standards with the horn enhanced “Pawn Shop Blues” which has leapt straight into my Favourite Eliza Neals Songs Chart.”

I work almost everyday as a songwriter first. Grab a coffee, something for breakfast then look at what I have written or am working on. I sit down at my piano and begin to pour over the notes, keys, chords, sounds and craft a feel. The song evolves over time day in day out becoming what it needs to be to not just me.

“As always her vocals are fantastic knowing when to raunch and roll and knowing when to pull things back a wee bit as on the delicious ‘Livin’ With Yo Mama’.”

Its all my friends in the music business, all the sessions I have been on. Some of the finest of Detroit from T. Money Green, Robert Bateman, Luis Resto, Clay McMurray and so many more. When you sing around great producers there really is no going back to bull. What a treasure to put all that experience down in a recording. Thank You The Rocker RockON!