18 July 2019

‘Blues Rock Review’s a delight in “Sweet Or Mean”

“Sweet Or Mean is a delight for blues rock fans to listen to. Eliza shows the potential of the overlap between both genres while making songs that are enjoyable enough to listen to at parties and sing along to in concert.

If your not having a good time while literally spending money to create “a delight” the music, then you have not done your homework. If you have written a good enough song then you will feel it in your bones. Fun, don’t get me wrong is an easy thing to get carried away in the studio and burn up a bunch of time and money.

Sweet Or Mean. This electrifying EP shows off Eliza’s impressive vocals with tracks just as impressive as the rest of her discography.”

Thank You Blues Rock Review I’m glad you know my discography, as the wishing well goes deep. Overall BBR can’t miss the voice as I do my best to lay down vocals as if they were live. Capturing the fun and the live show is not easy on a recording. Somehow people outside the music business think that recording or capturing sound is easy. Let every musician, engineer, sound guy etc tell the layman how to record and man it would never end.

“From the beginning, there is a clear blues influence on Eliza’s work. Despite the sharp electric guitar and classic rock drumlines, Sweet Or Mean features standard blues chord progressions and song structure”

Writing music is a constant, almost an everyday thing. Some songs turn out “traditional blues” others more modern like “10,000 Feet Below.”  So much music from R&B or Soul Blues to straight country, some of them you may hear others who knows. If the right combination of old and new songs comes together then they get recorded. I was very lucky and smart to be able to call on my friends to create “Sweet or Mean”