19 July 2019

Rock Blues Muse launchpad review of “Sweet Or Mean”

“Pawn Shop Blues,” the luscious horn lines and slide guitar let you know what you’re in for, even before you get the first taste of Neals’ rowdy, roadhouse-style vocals. It is a good warm-up for the full-on emotional fury she unleashes on “Blackish Grey.”

“Pawn Shop Blues” is my launchpad takeoff song as it has made it to Rack-of-Blues on Sirius XM Satelite Radio Ch.74 BB Kings Bluesville. Super to be added into radio rotation for 35 million music lovers around the globe! There are only a few people being chosen for Satelite radio and I am glad people have their ears open for whats new!

“Eliza Neals exhibits some impressive lyric writing chops in the auto-biographical “Bitten By The Blues,” which finds her telling her life story while the band rides on an infectious and catchy central riff, that gives way to some delicious Santana-esque fills from Popa.”

Bitten is so much fun, just click the link above and watch the video of us acting up in the studio, recording and just being crazy. Working with Popa Chubby and sitting in with him I know he loves Santana. I was born in Detroit and found my way in the music business after Wayne State in recording studios and on stages, bars and everything. They say your going to need 10,000 to 20,000 hours of practice/rehearsal before you are ready, well those numbers are small.

“This is some short and sweet, certified old school porch-stomping blues.”

We aim to please and “launchpad” ROCK BLUES MUSE has got you covered so be sure to stop by their page of reviews to get a full dose of new Blues-Rock music. There are so many bands and only so much room to write, and as everyone says if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. Well Rock and Blues Muse had plenty of good things to say click above and be in for a surprise!