21 July 2019

PhillyCheese fabulous Sweet Or Mean EP review

“It has been over two years since I fell head-over-heels for Eliza Neals’ 10,000 Feet Below album.  But, after hearing her latest EP Sweet or Mean, I find the wait has been worth it.”

We aim to be fabulous and please music fans worldwide. I not writing pop music all my music comes straight for the heart and if it does not make me dance then i won’t record it. I am old school with the best touring guitarist who still lives in New York, that’s not easy at all. Just working in NY takes more that anyone has so imagine being a musician.

“Her fearless delivery stands tall as Popa Chubby lays down a searing slab of blues on electric guitar.”

I’m fearless all-right and I know personally I’m ready, Popa would not have wasted his time had he thought I was not. Ted yes can cook a steak and burn through a guitar as he’s been smoking up rock bars, blues bars and everything in between for years in the city. I also have performed all over NYC from uptown to downtown all around town.

“There is certainly a positive chemistry between her and Ted when it comes to playing the blues.”

Chemistry yep I got a C in High School to busy laughing at the teachers hair, and that’s a fact. Human contact and connecting to the feel and the soul, there is your chemistry. I was writing songs while the teacher was blabbing. I know Ted, we had our early moments not being cool then after persistence we became friends. So yes positive is good we vibe cause we both love blues-rock and that feeling comes scorching out onto this record.

“It’s raw and fabulous.”

Well thank you Phillip I appreciate your ears your writing and your inevitably cool style and goat-tee beard! PHILLY CHEEZE Read this is a good one!