11 May 2017

Philly Cheeze mind-melting psychedelic-infused blues review “10,000 Feet Below”

“… amazing group of guest musicians in the making of this fabulous record.

 Neals’ angelic vocals pour freely over Glazer’s captivating and psychedelic guitar licks in the dark and spacy cover of Skip James’ “Hard Killing Floor”. It’s an absolute delight. There’s a huge splash of more mind-melting psychedelic-infused blues in the boldly performed “Call Me Moonshine”. Glazer’s playing is sublime. I get lost in the hypnotizing groove of “Merle Dixon”. It’s a warm and fuzzy guitar play-land to spend time in.”

Philly Cheeze” your review really made my day! Thanks so much for opening your ears! Read HERE! More Good Stuff!