23 July 2019

‘She Can Belt’ Goldmine Magazine Sweet or Mean Review

“I like it both ways. Man, she can belt.”

Like with a Belt or yes SING! Not many people use the term Belt anymore, obviously because many singers truly can’t “belt it out!” I guess the term came from actually getting beaten and the hollering or yelling that came out of being beaten with a belt?

BELT OUT (verb)
The verb BELT OUT has 1 sense:

1. sing loudly and forcefully

  Familiarity information: BELT OUT used as a verb is very rare.

I thought it was very RARE and almost every dictionary says so. Ok, that’s a good thing to be able to ‘belt out’ a song. I don’t always cause I sing in so many octaves and forms, this record though I know what ‘they’ wanted. There’s a feeling one gets when they sing and if you can go forward you do, most don’t. My previous albums I usually take on a song that many, many singers cannot perform after singing it once.

“It’d be too easy to say she’s a cross between Janis and Etta but, man, did I say she can belt?”

Ok I get it, Etta James and Janis Joplin are somehow imbibed in my vocal styling. Truthfully I never studied either one of these legendary ladies in my times. I love their voices and love the songs that they covered and I could sing either just belting it out. I know they each have their own followings that will take me a lifetime to match. Hopefully one day time will pass and someone will be compared to my voice…

“there’s more action on this EP than on a dozen run-of-the-mill efforts by the lesser-inclined.”

I did not say it but it’s a quote worth remembering. So stop on by GOLDMINE MAGAZINE read what many may be thinking but to timid to put into words. Thanks for telling your truth.