13 April 2019

Jersey Beat’s “Sexiest of Record of 2019”

Music News “The sexiest record of 2019 has already been determined and it’s the steamy blues of “Eliza Neals and the Narcotics” 180 GramVinyl. “The highly emotive singer-songwriter is a treasure, and every moment of the self titled release overflows with sultry eroticism.”

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Wonderful to get another great review for “Eliza Neals and the Narcotics – Vinyl.” I did not think I’m creating a sexy album when I put the songs together in that order. Sexiest album is an honor a funny one at that. I sing or sang with so much passion and energy, that comes through on the album. “The Detroit native has a scotch-soaked voice that perfectly conveys tales of frustration and heartbreak, accented by a limitless sexuality.” I know there are moments when it’s just me and I am not aware of my sexuality or how sexy I’m being.

Sexiness is not my goal but it’s part of just being be. I have tons of sexy photos lol like this one…

The photos sometimes throw off my actual ability to be respected as a woman in the music business. “Breaking and Entering” is perhaps the most enticing anthem of the bunch, but it is still laced with a tongue in cheek sense of humor, as Neals admits that seducing a man is “like robbing an armored car” and concludes the track by announcing how she will “feel your gun pop”.

So everyone gets something from my vinyl album and sometimes you hear things you would never expect. Obviously everyone has their own musical tastes and my ‘Blues’ is mine and your’s is yours to keep. I put the time in to create everyday something new be it a lyric, a song part, a melody or even a skeleton. There’s no stopping now after all I have completed. Thank you for listening and loving!