17 April 2019

“Star” Live Review from “9 Wallis, Beverly Mass”

Super blues and bluesrock audience inside ‘9 Wallis’ presented by ‘Gimmie Live Productions’. In the North Boston town of Beverly, there are live music lovers who need real live music to keep their soul alive. When you create music, the moments of silence sometimes have the biggest impact.

“Eliza puts so much energy into her performance, you have to see it to really experience it. She’s an excellent writer as well. The crowd was amazed that night, which was great to see. There was not a single person who left 9 Wallis disappointed.” Greater Boston Music Reviews

Such a live fun crowd, feeding back from the performance, when people come for live music they also know how to get into it. My music fans know we connect on and off stage. There are moments when you sort of channel on stage and create inside the song. Moments in music move not just myself but everyone performing we get into it more. Sometimes we as a whole band and audience go somewhere with the music gods, it does not happen every time.

“It won’t be long before she’s playing arenas. It baffles me that she doesn’t already… I hope more people realize how amazing she is sooner than later. She is gonna be a star.”

My band for the night was me on Vocals/Piano, Frankie Manerio – Guitar, Lenny Bradford – Bass, Demarcus Sumter – Drums, Bruce Bears – Hammond B3/Keys a group of seasoned musicians creating live in the song. Blues and Jazz both have improvisational moments that are not rehearsed at all. Here’s a new song the “Devil Don’t Love You” <- Click that just felt so right to do. Here’s another filmed by Moe-Joe Vision “Living With Yo Mama” <-Click
Then “#CantFindMyWayHome” <- Click to give em some classic rock like they can’t get anywhere. That’s 11+ minuets of new blues on and classic.