03 May 2022
La hora de blues undeniable Badder to the Bone review

La hora de blues undeniable “Badder to the Bone” review

“Undoubtedly singer, songwriter and piano player Eliza Neals is one of the best divas of the new Detroit blues scene.

She is a woman born to sing, gifted with a powerful voice full of rich chromatic nuances that give to her music the gift to captivate and make audiences fall in love with her since the very first moment she comes on stage. Eliza always gives the best of herself with a complete dedication and professional commitment, besides communicating an undeniable charisma that makes her a unique artist, also gifted with a special sensuality.” La Hora de Blues always writes great reviews check em out.

My Blues-rock album “Badder to the Bone” has really taken off around the world and I’m thrilled and humbled to get numerous super reviews from blues magazines in every form. The icing on the cake is how music is crossing language barrier only to end up peoples favorite. Have a read again to the La Hora De Blues and the review goes longer and its a great read.