04 May 2022
Rocking Magpie challenging Badder to the Bone Review

Rocking Magpie challenging “Badder to the Bone” Review

“Was my wait worth it? Hell yes! Taking a massive leap forward from the BLACK CROW MOAN album, Eliza spreads her talents far and wide; even challenging herself at times across the Blues gamut here; starting with the Diddleyesque United We Stand; which has the hallmarks of a rocking good ‘protest song’ the likes of which most rockers shy away from; but Ms. Neals always wears her heart on her sleeve and damn the consequences.”

Well two years is a long time I guess. I write all the time and sometimes the story I’m writing goes along with the album and sometimes it falls more in line with the singles I release. I always re-write and write over and over, then I approach the piano and fit music to the words. It’s not always like this sometimes I write by playing on the piano and feeling my way through chords… but back to the review.

“Heathen takes us on yet another left of centre journey as Ms Neals taps into her S.O.U.L on Heathen which finds her hitting notes I had no idea were in her range; but when she hits them; they know they’ve been hit!
As usual I hadn’t read the Press Release or even the tracklisting when I first played this album; so it was probably a minute or so into it that I recognised Can’t Find My Way Home; the Blind Faith missive which has been a personal favourite for 50 years now ….. and while she plays around with the melody and tempo; plus the addition of Lance Lopez’s trademarked dirty geetar licks; makes for a really special version that will impress fans old and new.”

Well Alan over at Rocking Magpie has heard a few of my albums in the past and this one seems to be his favorite so far. So thanks for the “Badder to the Bone” love and go check out their website above and read all the good stuff they wrote. Happy MAY THE FOURTH!