13 August 2015

Legendary DJ’s of #Detroit feel “Breaking and Entering”

So cool to have many iconic Detroit DJ’s of my Hometown to endorse your project. I am thrilled to not only have listened to them for years now I on the radio due to them! Thank you Doug Podell you were the first XOX

dj-steve-kostan-rnr-hof-eliza-nealsSteve Kostan Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Disc Jockey understands my Classic Style! “Soulful and Compelling, Eliza taps the great musical vibes of the past in a new way, HER way AND… She really brings it LIVE” Thank You Steve!

dj-ann-delisi-eliza-nealsAnn Delisi such a cool DJ spinning the Essential Music Thanks Girl!

dj-scott-randall-eliza-neals-quoteDJ Scott Randal yes I been listening to you on WRIF and loving it “you’re soul isn’t full after listening to this CD find a doctor to see if you have a pulse… Lovin this CD!” Thank You!