31 July 2013

Thank You “LIXX” for “Rockin on the RiverFront!” + HGTV #PowerBroker “Leaving Detroit” Sync License

YES! LIXX “ROCKIN’ On The RiverFront”
 80 Degree Day with no humidity perfect for RocknRoll on Detroit’s beautiful RiverWalk!
 Thank You Robert for the music love and your fabulous band LIXX!
 Always a Great Day to JAM with RocknRoll Hall of Fame WCSX DJ 
Steve Kostan!
I let my RocknSoul soar singing with LIXX “Rockin’ on the Riverfront” opening for #GrandFunkRailroad! Thank You Detroit fans you are the Best XX!

HGTV’s Power Broker  

 Featured on Season #1 / Episode #1 of Mike Aubrey’s, POWER BROKER Tuesday nights at 9pm. Listen to all the super Detroit sounds created in my previous album  
“No Frogs for Snakes”
All can be cleared in one phone call if your a music supervisor!
 Live from Ginger NY TV a little Blues…