20 January 2019

Mustique Blues Festival – Women in Blues JAN 23 – Feb 6

I have the wonderful opportunity to represent Detroit Blues via Jersey City Blues, in the most elite blues festival in the world on the island of Mustique. The blues man Joe Louis Walker who is a member of the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, invited me to join him as myself and his extra ordinary band.

Eliza Neals along with Women in Blues perform Jan 23 – Feb 6 a Basil’s Bar, voted Top 10 Bars in the World!

It’s the Women in Blues year and I along with Nancy Wright, Amalia Rubin, Wendy Dewitt, were given this opportunity to perform. The lineup is set in one awesome location that many only can dream about. A group of world class guitarist like Ian Seigal, Lenny Bradford, Murali Coryell, Dorian Randolph, Matt Gest and Grammy winner Skip Martin. 
To say I’m not excited would be and understatement so follow me on social media. I will be sure to post for the Women in Music and us girls in Blues/BluesRock! Watch all my day to day above or find my next show! Happy 2019!