10 December 2018

“Spotify Wrapped” Jan-Oct 2018 Streams Review!

Now that SPOTIFY has “wrapped” its year of streaming numbers, here’s my latest independent breakdown. First off, it’s not the whole year, it’s only from January to October, so the real yearly numbers are larger, naturally. Starting this year, I had a lot of hope for my streaming numbers across many platforms. I only get the numbers from Spotify, as they have “leaned in” to provide them directly to the artists. I can only commend Spotify for looking ahead to the time when artists will release directly to the platform of their choice. Eliza Neals is my whole enchilada, I get all the money and whatever else comes from the streams. Hopefully, one day I will be in the 500,000 per month streams as I work toward larger audiences.  SO 22,000+ Listening Time? THAT’S = 2 Years of time spent listening to HITS!

FANS Fans fans! Yes, I love em’ and would not even try to do anything without them pushing me, listening with their eyes closed, not knowing me at all, other than what they find of me on social media. I know what I do does not require a photo, as my friend Barrett Strong says “you can’t see on a record.” It’s true again after a long wait, people are listening to the next song not watching it on MTV. A real breakthrough is to have a city of inhabitants like MAUI, Hawaii all listen at one time!

Who’s Following and guess what, who’s not? I don’t know but I would like to for sure. It’s not mathematically possible for all of these followers to have streamed my music. I guess some of you became fans and decided to follow me! Thank You to my followers whoever you are, I have new music coming to keep you all happy!

Ok, I have traveled even toured all over the planet BUT 19,973 Cities where “Eliza Neals” music has been heard via spotify is just WOW! I’m an independent artist in every way from the songwriting, production, arrangement, hiring, firing, contracts, copyrights, publishing, royalties, artwork, distribution, music videos, promotion, management, driving, touring, chef, room and board. This is just a start on what it takes to juggle even a portion of being truly independent. 19,973 streaming cities is more than I have in my mind to visit but the smaller cities can find me as I tour “next door.” THANK YOU for being a fan of my music made the hard way! CLICK below to HEAR MY LATEST ON SPOTIFY!