31 December 2017

New Years Eve 2017 Thank You!

Good morning on this gorgeous cold day of 2017! Getting ready to play my last show of 2017 tonight in Rockland Maine with my awesome band for some beautiful people . I have played over 60 shows in 2017 (not bad for doing it all Indie) and not funded by any record label but my own . We traveled to new places as well as back to some of my favorite places like the UK with 8 amazing shows and met awesome new fans and lifelong friends . So honored to be on so many Best of 2017 worldwide radio lists at the end of the tour and Year especially to make ‘Best Emerging Artist’ and ‘Best Blues Band’ plus Best Blues rock Album ‘10,000 Feet Below ‘ and more from ‘Get Ready to Rock’ in the U.K. We played our hearts out at new festivals in Ann Arbor, Florida ,Indiana plus …and the sound is growing worldwide. Releasing 10, 000 Feet Below’ in 2017 it thankfully made it onto BB Kings Bluesville again going to number #6 on Rack O Blues and many new fans heard it and are asking us to come and play their hometown. A huge moment of 2017 was when I got to sing my song ‘Another Lifetime’ with one of my Blues Rock icons and world renown Walter Trout so supportive and down to earth and his band at Callahans . It was a moment I won’t forget . So glad to have it on video what a musical blast! I want to thankMy stellar Musicians Howard Glazer ( my head Narcotic ) Demarcus Sumter , Lenny Bradford, John Medeiros, John Abraham , Billy Davis, Andres Lo, Mike Griot and many more of you who played with me in 2017 at different festivals and shows . Fan mail is coming in from all over the world to come play Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Hawaii, France, Italy, Greece, Armenia and more… remember I am an IINDIE Blues rock artist no major record label or otherwise is planning and paying for what I do! This is all a labor of love with my own label E-H Records and I am damn PROUD! We do what we want to do, I produce the songs I want to sing and write … and it’s catching on in the world and with all of you beautiful people . So humbled and thank you all for supporting real Indie BluesRock from the heart and soul! We hope to see you all in 2018. Please let me know where you want to see my band n I next year and we will make it happen ! 

All My luv to you and Happy New Year!

Eliza Neals