13 April 2022
Rock N Force magnifique “Badder to the Bone” review

Rock N Force magnifique “Badder to the Bone” review

As “Badder to the Bone” finds its way to music writers around the globe the latest from ROCK N FORCE France lights up a new “Magnifique Review.’ Grab your Translator and dive right in…

“If Detroit is of course known for its Rock and Hard scene, it is far from being outdone in the Blues register, as ELIZA NEALS has just confirmed with “Badder To The Bone”, her second album in two years. Superbly accompanied, the singer and keyboardist delivers new touching, ardent songs with an incredible feeling and very well highlighted by a magnificent production.
It is with the same freshness that the blueswoman ELIZA NEALS delivers the successor to the excellent “Black Crow Moan”, released two years ago. With “Badder To The Bone”, she again bewitches her audience with a universe of very Soul Blues Rock. This time again, it was she who arranged and co-produced the album with Michael Puwal, who also played guitar and participated in the writing of several songs.
To interpret “Badder To The Bone”, ELIZA NEALS has surrounded herself with an extraordinary group where no less than eight of Michigan’s most renowned musicians take turns. Here, the complicity is felt on an incredible groove and feeling, through songs where Michael Puwal (still him!) and the singer do wonders (“United We Stand”, “Lockdown Love”, “Bucket Of Tears” ).
The warm and sensual voice of ELIZA NEALS envelops with power and delicacy heady and perfectly shaped titles (“Queen Of The Nile I & II”, “King Kong”, “Got A Gun”, “Heathen”). To complete this very good new album, the American also covers, with a very personal touch, “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Steve Winwood. The musician’s Blues Rock is at its peak and leaves nothing to chance.”

Thank you François Alaouret your words and interpretation of my music is thrilling thank you.