22 February 2017

ROOTSVILLE More than a must review “10,000 Feet Below”

ROOTSVILLE Translated:

“Her previous album “Breaking And Entering” dates from 2015. That ‘10,000 Feet Below’ worked in no less than 17 musicians, and so you see that in Detroit residence blues diva and appreciated singer-songwriter is not shy of staff. With the exception of ‘Hard Killing Floor’ by Skip James this, Eliza Neals wrote the rest of the songs sometimes in collaboration with guitarist Howard Glazer.

With her new album, she also teaches us to explore new horizons of contemporary blues with a mix of blues-rock and psychedelic soul. Usually seated behind the black & white keys she brings in a raw blues that keeps long-lasting impression in your body such as the songs “Another Lifetime”.

The pervasive ‘Burn Down The Tent’ leave it ‘Eliza Neals’ therefore clearly hear her vision of psychedelic blues rock, a strong statement with a slight funky attitude. Title track ‘10,000 feet Below’ she wrote from scratch all stays on this feetstompin’ & headbanging blues Howard Glazer guitar work everywhere.

Eliza Neals get on the previously quieter and semi-acoustic ‘Cold Cold Night’ sole assistance of guitarist Paul Nelson and the closing ‘At The Crossroads’ comes guitarist Billy Davis somewhat in the spotlight. The ‘10,000 Feet Below’ is more than a must for many blues fans here and the rest of Europe.”

I’m trying to keep up with all this good news and thank you ROOTSVILLE for your kind cool words!