23 February 2017

Blues Magazine Netherlands confused busy bee review “10,000 Feet Below”

BLUESMAGAZINE Netherlands Translated:

“When you swing in the CD “10,000 Feet Below” Eliza Neals in the disc tray comes it is immediately clear, we are dealing here with a power girl, her blues firmly with a heavy dose of rock the world…

Meanwhile, the Busy Bee already has ’10, 000 Feet Below’ on the shelves. With boundless energy return them “The Detroit Diva” as she is also known for projects. For ‘10,000 Feet Below ‘Neals has on most tracks, the excellent guitarist Howard Glazer on board, in addition, she has a number of tracks renowned musicians around him managed to collect, and so we come guitarists like Paul Nelson and Billy Davis on this production. Of course it is also her regular band the Narcotics abound on this album. The first track of the album, Cleotus has a brief counseling with only Howard Glazer on slide guitar and handclaps as rhythmic support, but there is in the up-slow Another Lifetime significant change. Solid guitars Glazer lay a solid foundation for the raw voice of Eliza Neals. Burn Down The Tent sounds heavy and violently by distorted guitars. The voice of Eliza Neals has been considerably modified (not modified at all I’m a pure artist) this track, which seems stacked by technical progress and therefore sounds very broad. The title track 10,000 Feet Below is based more on rock than blues. A traditional piece, but sounds firmly You Ain’t My Dog No More, Howard Glazer is quite furiously on slide guitar on this track. On Cold Cold Night and its operation of Skip James Hard Killing Floor, Neals shows fine feel to the piano. Paul Nelson supported the poppy sounding Cold Cold Night with acoustic guitar and fills the space with a beautiful solo. The peaceful Hard Killing Floor has a two-chord structure and getting a climax in the solo section in which Howard Glazer attracts a lot of leather. After the slow shuffle sturdy Call Me Moonshine follows Downhill On A Rocket, a track that sounds reasonable clean and groovy. All brakes will loose in Merle Dixon, with many effects on voice and guitar. Billy Davis fills the spaces between the piano playing Eliza Neals in At The Crossroads and so the album is fairly quiet at the end. 10,000 Feet Below the tracks are properly edited in the studio, especially has undergone the necessary edits the rough voice of Eliza Neals, something they did not need to me because she herself so much power and a wonderful rugged edge has her voice (the album has no edits to voice I’m a pure artist this is not true.) The guitar parts know the appropriate deformation, making it 10,000 Feet Below “to put in the blues-rock angle.”

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