23 February 2017

Concert Monkey flame in the pipe review “10,000 Feet Below”

CONCERT MONKEY Belgium Review Translated:

“Her new album ’10, 000 Feet Below’ which appeared desperately the US to do it even better a few days ago. Ten songs on the album, nine of which were written by Eliza Neals. Eliza recorded the album with her band the Narcotics featuring Howard Glazer and other guest guitarists Paul Nelson and Billy Davis.

No cost has been spared for ’10, 000 Feet Below’, the new album by Eliza Neals. Seventeen musicians and guitar legend Howard Glazer took the ten songs in five different studios (actually we were under budget lol.) By using so many musicians on this album, Eliza was able to create many different sounds. Glazer plays in all the songs except two, there are Paul Nelson and Billy Davis play the guitar. Neals used five different bass players and four drummers and she herself plays the piano, Hammond B3, Rhodes and tambourine. Despite so many musicians give their cooperation to the album remains in the opening track ‘Cleotus’ instrumental limited to the slide guitar by Howard Glazer. This short, dark swampy song is a very appropriately sung by Eliza and the rhythmic handclaps are the ideal complement to the clever slide work by Glazer. There is a lot of voodoo present in the ballad “Another Lifetime”. Eliza Neals knows how to use her raw and powerful voice again very good in this mysterious song in which Howard Glazer again impresses on the guitar with a sharp solos and blissful short riffs.

Skeeto Valdez drummer and bassist Paul Randolph ensure the impending rocking groove of “Burn The Tent Down. The sizzling distorted guitar riffs Glazer gives the song an extra rebellious character. This is one of the best songs on the album as a singer and Eliza can enchant again. “Burn The Tent Down” is a great rocker that literally has the flame in the pipe. With the title track ’10, 000 Feet Below’ Eliza Neals goes all the way to rock. The menacing bass drum drummer Demarcus Sumter and ripping guitar riffs Howard Glazer, which still leaves its mark on the album, determine the sound of the sizzling song that Neal will feel like a fish in water. It would not surprise me if ‘10,000 Feet Below’ get airplay on the radio, because this song has a lot of quality. During ‘You ain’t My Dog No More’ Howard Glazer goes great pounding on his guitar with gritty slide work. Who likes raw blues rock with Southern Mississippi Delta influences certainly comes here on his draw. That’s due to the presence of guitarist Paul Nelson, I do not know, but one thing is certainly clear that the change of guitarist once a very different Eliza Neals (?). Paul Nelson, who was guitarist Johnny Winter, let the listener enjoy prime acoustic guitar work in ‘Cold Cold Night’. Eliza’s voice sounds much softer and her skills on the piano are more discussed here.

The only cover on the album is the Skip James cover ‘Hard Killing Floor.’ The version of Eliza Neals has nothing of the original acoustic version of more than eighty years ago. The haunting version of Eliza’s full of psychedelic and atmospheric sounds. The singer is explicitly present at the keys and Howard Glazer creates the instrumental orgasm with intense psychedelic solo on his six string. Eliza Neals and Howard Glazer golden duo we can re-establish during ‘Call Me Moonshine’ in which the voice of the singer and the guitar strings virtuoso work together to feel perfect and complete.

Glazer here makes good use of the wah-wah pedal to put more intensity in his guitar work. The album recovers a bluesy accent in the dark swampy ‘Downhill On A Rocket.’ The rhythm section with drummer and bassist Mike Griot + Rubin Nizri provide excellent dark groove and Howard Glazer again generously shares razor sharp guitar riffs in this song sprinkled with voodoo. Earlier in this review I wrote that there is to be found in the music of Eliza Neals, Southern Rock and Mississippi Delta influences. Also ‘Merle Dixon’ is a mix of Southern Rock and raw Mississippi blues. Weather is working by Howard Glazer lavish with the pedal board, but the strings work he delivers again to lick your thumbs and fingers.

To close Neals ends with the quiet, more than six-minute blues ballad ‘At The Crossroads’. Her voice sounds great sweet and that we are not accustomed to her on this album. She accompanies herself on the keys and the very fine finger work on the guitar comes this time Billy Davis, who played with Jimi Hendrix in the past. I would not be surprised if ‘10,000 Feet Below’ match or improve “the success of ‘Breaking And Entering’. Eliza Neals provides an excellent album off and her collaboration with Howard Glazer certainly plays there a major role. This is a golden duo still can achieve many successes. The special and beautiful voice of Eliza Neals will certainly appeal to many people. (8/10)”

THANK YOU CONCERT MONKEY Your the Listeners I hear the wood burning! Thanks for the Review of ‘10,000 Feet Below” totally cool!