24 February 2017

WTJU Shatter Windows review of “10,000 Feet Below”

Thank You WTJU Dave Rogers!
“Eliza Neals – 10,000 Feet Below (E-H Records): Detroit’s Eliza Neals is a powerhouse singer who can shatter windows but who also has a more melodic side. She has been compared to Beth Hart for her vocal power and Janis Joplin for her emotion. She also wrote or co-wrote all but one song on this release. There is a heavy dose of rock on this disc with a dash of blues. The backing includes a shifting set of musicians: Howard Glazer, Paul Nelson, and Billy Davis (alternating guitars); Skeeto Valdez, Demarcus Sumter, Brian Clune, Robin Nizri and John Medeiros (drums); and Paul Randolph, Lenny Bradford, Mike Griot and John Abraham (bass); while Neals plays piano, B-3, Rhodes and tambourine. This appears to be her fifth release.”

Right ON Thank You!