11 July 2016

RootsVille “You Ain’t My Dog No More” Outside the Protorpotions Review 

Well I can’t  speak Dutch but it looks like Belgium likes my new single “You Ain’t my Dog No More” so as they say here you go!

“Eliza Neals, for this blues-rock girl we lean towards Detroit. Last year, she released the excellent album ‘Breaking and Entering’ out and now there is a single what is probably the preview of the next new album. In her home, she is described as a mix of Blues-rock with pshychedelic soul. This Eliza Neals is also seen as the next generation when it concerns the contemporary blues making them all many what prices has been able to win.

For the single, ‘You Ain’t My Dog No More’ is Eliza Neals plus Howard Glazer, John Abraham and David Clune. This ‘Detroit Diva’ as they also call her as many great ones in the blues and jazz world swayed like Bessie Smith or Etta James but other genres left they put up with.

Her raw voice does this single outside the proportions, and as with her previous album is also Howard Glazer back of the party. We therefore firmly rocking look forward to what is to come …”

Thanks Guys the New Album is being recorded now!