14 July 2016

Blues in Britain “Eliza Neals and the Narcotics” Boom Boom Club – Blistering LIVE Review #UK2016Tour

 https://facebook.com/nigel.foster.165/posts/1745090302394179  <- The Reviews now LIVE are rolling in. BLUES in Britian just published the live review by music writer and critic Nigel Foster.  It was wonderful to totally lay waste to a club! We do it all the time lol but this was definitely different, being on our #UK2016Tour! Howard Glazer on Blues Guitar and Felipe Drago on Drums we just don’t let up and give Em what they came to see KickBut Blues-Rock from Detroit Rock City!  Click above “Jekyll And A Hound” Live!   Correction I have a BA degree in Opera from Wayne State in Detroit. I can still sing Opera but am not an Opera Singer because I’m not that strict with my voice. I believe the original article has it correctly.   John Bull at RockerPix did a beautiful job capturing us on stage.   “Killing Floor” by Skip James performance audio captured professionally by Simon Taylor. Click the Photo above for video!  

Thank You to my British Fans including Pete Fenstra, Nigel Foster and Golly Gallagher! See you in 2017!