08 September 2017

Wow great Blues-Rock time at Beaverwood Club in Chislehurst London!

What a night of Blues-Rock in Beaverwood! We did so much yesterday it’s hard to keep track. First we converted over money inside a beautiful mall that actual had people in it… 

I mean I have been in a few great malls and this one called Bluewater was in the cream of the crop for sure! Here I am above an I don’t even like malls since Amazon and all lol 😂

My band our van and picking up equipment drums, amps, corsets, leggings things (not really) inside the amazing John Henry’s Ltd in London! Our second time using them and truly can’t be beat for supplying a indie BluesRock band like us! Catch my post on instagram here 👉🏼 INSTAGRAM 👈🏼

Video from the Night on 👉🏼 Facebook 👈🏼 and 👉🏼 New Song 💥

Super cool crowd in Chislehurst United Kingdom came out to support us we gave em a great show with return photographer and fans like Stewart above! What a show perfect way to kick off the tour to roaring crowds who love what you do and listen to every word! Now we are off to “Boom Boom Club” in Sutton south London Today! 

Troy Redfern really can play great to see him live! I’m sure you will be hearing and seeing him more places soon!

Sending prayers to the Caribbean, Texas, Lousiana and Florida that they may be spared the wrath of Irma. Godspeed!! 

https://youtu.be/5NM8ieJrdTE latest BluesRock video here now click the photo above!