08 April 2020

American Blues Scene crowning achievement “Black Crow Moan” review

Two years to create with 18 musicians in a plethora of studios with special guests is hitting its stride with a first review from American Blues Scene.

“The title track (Black Crow Moan) is a soulful, self-examining, call-and-response once again with Joe Louis Walker. The lyrics give us the feeling that Neals had insight to the current state of the world. The isolation, and loneliness and desperation it causes are laid bare. “The solo feeling everyone has right now is like solitary confinement,” she told me. “I think we will connect. We’re all naked in some way.”

Somehow someway this song and album came out now in the middle of this pandemic. I wrote this song two years ago and massaged it live on stage, changing words, listening for a response. Thank you for hearing the trouble, pain, loneliness to create “Black Crow Moan.”

I had the pleasure of recording my original music with two giants. Joe Louis Walker has been inducted into the blues hall of fame and played with BB. We shared some great moments on tour and on my latest album.

“Derek St. Holmes makes his first appearance on “Never Stray.” A promising love ballad, St. Holmes adds nice, crunchy lead runs. Neals puts a short leash on her usually powerhouse vocal delivery, showing us a softer side. St. Holmes also adds awesome guitar to the only cover song on the album, the Big Mama Thornton classic, “Ball and Chain.”

Derek St. Holmes the rock guitarist who wrote “Hey Baby” and sang “Strangle Hold” for crazy ass Ted Nugent. I have always been a big fan, so to have him on my latest album is just a pleasure.
Read more above and pick up “Black Crow Moan” Here! Thanks American Blues Scene