07 May 2020

SoundGuardian undeniable “Black Crow Moan” review

“is an undeniable album that sounds incredibly fresh, new and 100% inspired from its first to last, tenth song. The fact is that Eliza goes a step further with each of her new projects, all rises by the scale more and just leaves nothing…”

Two years is about right for me to create an album, but last year I also dropped a super EP with wild man Popa Chubby. I have been in the studio, on the road, mixing here, recording there and it’s been a journey to create Black Crow Moan.” 

“to chance. Personally, I admire her musical work, the way she brings people around, who know exactly how to give and give to the audience what they love, what lifts them and fully fulfills them…”

Thank You SoundGuardian you guys understand after listening to so many albums, what it takes. Detroit BluesRock is like no other it’s ‘un’ every damn thing. If your panties are on too tight your not free like us Detroiters. Be free create how you feel and be!