29 May 2024

Blues Rock Review absolute joy “Colorcrimes”

Blues Rock Review comes in strong with a “absolute joy to listen to” and “track list credits on Colorcrimes resembles a K-Tel record.”

“Critically acclaimed Detroit Blues Rock queen Eliza Neals delivers a wonderful retro blues rock R&B album with Colorcrimes, her 12th release and seventh on her label E-H Records…

““Something’s Better Than Nothing” speaks to being grateful for the things we have in an Aretha Franklin fashion. “Love Doctor Love” is a fun funky tune highlighting Resto and Haynes on horns about being spellbound by a man. “Sugar Daddy” turns the tables with a tale of a fellow who can’t leave even if he wanted to. ”

There’s so much more to read as this was a great review from Blues Rock Review and I like the sound of it all. THANKS Blues Rock Review !