06 April 2021

“Chasing The Blues” Interview by Tom Forst


Tom and I have a mutual friend in the biz Mr. Paul Nelson who we both have worked with over the years. Tom is a blues musician, writer and performer and apparently he has a great interview show. Well one thing lead to another and here we are. Tom goes hey I hit 10,000 listeners and I go great I’m ready to do it.

Tom has interviewed many great players in the music biz, I’m happy I have risen to the occasion. Somedays you wonder how you have gotten here, look back and see a mountain of work and be happy you have quote un quote arrived. Sometimes an interview or podcast goes a bit left sometimes they go a bit wild this one went just right. I usually don’t listen to interviews after they are complete cause who know how bad it went lol. But this one went cool and I have listened a few times, click the photo below to dig the new podcast. Chasing the Blues Interview featuring Eliza Neals

Chasing the Blues Interview featuring Eliza Neals