28 July 2020

FOUR “Independent BLUES Awards” 2020 NOMINATIONS

I got this E-mail A few days ago!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been Nominated for FOUR Independent Blues Awards! The Voting has begun and will run until midnight on 8/31/2020. Each vote will contain links to your music, your website and spotify player. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK!” 

WOW Here is my Official poster above for the “Independent BLUES Awards 2020” FOUR Categories


⭐️ BLUESROCK ALBUM (#SweetOrMean) 


⭐️ CONTEMPORARY SONG (#blackcrowmoan©) 

💯 THANK YOU MusicFans MusicLovers BluesMusic + Rockblues listeners, DJ’s, collectors, supporters of truly independent musicians Thank You. 

VOTE Here http://MakingAScene.org 

You can listen and learn about each artist as it’s an open to the public process. Hear each artist as you vote and go to their website . No other awards show is like this so please support music. It’s a an honor to be included + among the best in the world! I’m #humbled. I want to thank so many of you who have helped me get here. I want to thank the musicians who shared the stage with me recently! I want to thank the musicians who stepped up to support me, recognized me as an independent artist! 

Well the hard work is playing off! Multiple hours on the road, in the studio, mixing, mastering, working and everything else. Thank You now go vote 🙂