29 July 2020

Blues Blast Magazine’s potent “Black Crow Moan” review

“Eliza Neals packs a potent punch. A multi-instrumentalist who concentrates on keys here, she roars like a hurricane with an operatically trained voice that’s mellifluous, but has a rough-cut urban edge – something that comes through loud and clear on this long-awaited follow-up to her most recent full-length release, 2017’s well-received ‘10,000 Feet Below’.”

Such a three year journey crafting Black Crow Moan it’s a pleasure to get such great feedback from the many music critics. Thank You Blues Blast 

“A blond powerhouse whose delivery can go from sugar sweet to menacing in a heartbeat, Neals usually delivers a healthy mix of electric blues, psychedelic rock, Southern soul and more when fronting her regular band, The Narcotics. A perennial honoree in the Detroit Music Awards and songwriter, her releases consistently score the charts.”