06 June 2022
Jazz Weekly rockin Badder To The Bone Review

Jazz Weekly rockin “Badder To The Bone” Review

“Eliza Neals sings and plays the rocking blues on piano and B3 with her core team of Lance Lopez/g, Peter Keys/org, Jason Kott/b, Tim Grogan/dr and Michael Pulwal/g-b and a collection of guests. She rocks like Bo Diddley on the riffing “United We Stand” and does a slinky slide of the blues with Lopez’s guitar on “Queen of the Nile”.” JAZZ WEEKLY

Yes “Badder to the Bone” is out and about making the rounds to so many cool magazines, many of them have looked into my music before. Jazz Weekly has figured out my style over the years and gave me a quick cool one on their website above check it out and thanks.