18 June 2022
Eye On Jamz by ION Magazine interview Eliza Neals

Eye On Jamz by ION Magazine interview Eliza Neals

“Eye on Jamz features the hottest indie music you have not heard. Each week Eye on Jamz features a wide variety of music and occasional interviews with indie artists from around the world.” interview by Tim Board

Had a afternoon to talk with Tim Board from Eye on Jamz it was great to reach a new audience and get feedback from the real world of indie radio and rock. Here are a few excerpts:


Your latest album “Badder to the Bone” talk a little bit about this album


Ok, well you know, I’m a rocker at heart, I love the blues, I love everything the blues. The blues found me. Uh because every time I would sing blues, people would be like “you should be singing the blues you have that voice, you have the passion, you go into your own world when you are singing we don’t know what you’re doing, but your not in your body.” Everybody would say this to me and I just feel the song and would let go and blues lets you do that because its its the kind of music you can just go into and not worry about what you look like, what you’re wearing or you know. Like Barrett used to tell me, “stop trying to look cute when you sing the blues. Just Sing. Who Cares. Let anything happen happen.” That was so, uh, what do you call it, um, it released a lot of anxiety for me so I said OK “Let it Go.” This is not Pop music, you let it go and whatever happens happens, you can make ugly faces… Get the notes out and make people feel what you are trying to say… “Badder To The Bone” I wanted to go more into the Blues-rock realm and just kinda do really slow blues like “Queen of the Nile” and do some hard rockers like “King Kong.” Just show each aspect of the songwriting that I love, but do it in a way with the blues intention and be true to the song that way and still make it raw and something people would feel it, so far I think they have.

CLICK to listen: EYE on JamZ to hear more of this cool interview! Thanks Tim hope to catch you down in TEXAS!