04 June 2022
BluestownNL Music Soul Badder to the Bone review

BluestownNL Music more soul “Badder to the Bone” review

“2022 is the breakthrough year of America’s newest blues rock phenomenon Eliza Neals. The Detroit singer/pianist has one hell of a voice and perhaps more importantly: the Lady got SOUL!”
Well thats what they have been telling me all along its a labor of love and I’m glad the world is finally waking up to what I have been doing all these years. BLUESTOWN MUSIC NETHERLANDS has gotten it so here’s the translation!
With the help of some excellent musicians and co-producer Michael Puwal, Eliza Neals has produced Badder To The Bone an album of tight, dirty soul blues rock. What is striking about Eliza Neals’s vocals is that she has a bit more than her fellow singers; more soul and a rough edge. She never leans towards the slightly hysterical touch of those fellow singers.
 ‘Badder To The Bone’ has become a nicely varied album, because in addition to the dirty blues rock of songs such as Lockdown Love, King Kong , Got A Gun and United We Stand there are a number of absolute prize songs on it. The voice of Eliza Neals is perhaps most effective in the wonderfully sung soul gospel Heathen and Fueling Me Up. Also surprisingly beautiful is the version of the much-covered Stevie Winwood (Blind Faith) song Can’t Find My Way Home, which is given a heavy version with a great double guitar solo by Lance Lopez. And with Lance Lopez, the second ace of ‘Badder To The Bone’ has been named.
The great Texas hot sauce guitarist, who also excels in the two versions of the slow blues Queen Of The Nile. With ‘Badder To The Bone’ the blues rock scene has become a great singer richer. You don’t easily find them this soulful and ‘bad’!”
I could be luckier but instead I’m going to count my blessings and thank you for being a part of this journey with BADDER TO THE BONE.