07 August 2015

‘La Hora Del Blues’ Bonita review of “Breaking and Entering”

“Dirty greasy blues by a powerful wishful singer, songwriter and producer called Eliza Neals, along an album where she brings us twelve songs recorded in analogue audio system, to get a raw vintage sound. The recording has been carefully studied to satisfy a broad range of soul, blues, rock, Indie and garage blues sound lovers. Eliza has developed a very personal style she wants to show us staying far away from the most conventional forms of the genre. In all songs included Eliza Neals perfectly knows how to communicate the wildest strength and the most emotive and vital voice that comes from the deepest part of her soul that, in some passages, might remember the late and always missed Janis Joplin. Neals always has a very special attitude both in the content and layout which makes as a result an strong robust album but, at the same time, full of a deep gritty sensitivity that, little by little and step by step, will seduce most listeners. VERY GOOD.”

Thank You “La Hora Del Blues” you understand my unique style and approach to blues-rock and modern contemporary blues.

I was told the review would only be up for a brief period of three months so I captured the image of the review here: Thank You