17 June 2024

Misplaced Straws raw Interview on “Colorcrimes”

I had a deep #interview with ‘Misplaced Straws’ the other day, Jeff asked a few tough questions and I feel I answered them the best I could. I know its not perfect but I was honest and have a long way to go. You can listen via youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uIMtgNhP-c Read part of the interview here as its a view into part of who I am.
On the song #Colorcrimes – “Okay, well, when I wrote that song, it seems like it never ends with this plight that we have all in the world, not only in America, everywhere. Not only is it racism, there’s bigotry, there’s sexism, it just goes on and on and on and being a woman, I’ve been privy to a lot of it. Being #Armenian with #blondehair, which is dyed because I’m a dark-haired person. I’m an #indigenousperson. People right away. “Oh, you’re this and that”, by looking at me, how could you even sing #blues? You know what I mean? They don’t understand, I’m a second-generation survivor of a genocide, Armenians were in a genocide…”
On if she sees the racism and sexism changing in the current blues genre – “It seems like it’s getting a little better. It was going really well. I broke into the blues in 2015 and since I’m an #independentartist, we’re up against a lot of big whigs again, for radio play and stuff. So if my record comes out, when let’s say, oh gosh, someone on Alligator, who are you going to play? You know what I mean? So to be able to be played in the same show as these huge money-making labels and I’m just a women-run #minoritylabel out of Detroit/Jersey City with my man who’s out of Jersey, who’s a #HowardU grad, minority. We’re a two-man show. So it’s an honor, but I think it’s opening up more…”
There’s more to me than meets the eye so listen or read here: https://misplacedstraws.com/2024/06/the-blues-fix-vocalist-eliza-neals.html