21 April 2022
'New Jersey Stage' rising star interview of Eliza Neals

‘New Jersey Stage’ rising star interview of Eliza Neals

Super interview with “New Jersey Stage” the premier art, music and culture magazine in New Jersey. Check out what Danny Coleman had to say:

“Sharing stages with countless blues and rock luminaries has become second nature to Neals… Joe Louis Walker, Walter Trout, Tommy Castro and more have benefited from her presence and in many cases she theirs but if asked, she’ll tell you her greatest joy comes from her audiences and the things they are capable of giving her in return.”

Here’s a part of my interview:

“I love connecting with people,” she said with total sincerity, “When I look out at the audience and I see the people and I know they just want to have fun and let loose and forget about all of the crap that they are going through; my whole thing is, if they’re not having fun then I’m not having fun. So, it’s about making the audience have a blast and if they’re having a blast, then I am; I’m almost directing as I go. I never play a song really the same twice and if you ask my band they’re like; it’s fun! I mean, it’s kind of like a work in progress. They know the song, I get up there and we’re dangerous; we may have a B3 solo for four minutes; it’s action packed, it’s a blast and just so much fun. I guess it’s what I’m meant to do; just play music and hopefully everybody is having a blast with us and it makes me feel happy that they are smiling and dancing. They’ll come up to me after and say; you know what? I  had the best time, you made me forget about my divorce or about this or that or I got out of my wheelchair and actually danced for the first time in five years and I was like; whoa…

The interview really touched me, I did not remember what I said in total until reading it. I enjoy performing and helping people everyday in every way. Mosey on over to NEW JERSEY STAGE

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