16 April 2022
American Blues Scene Baddest

American Blues Scene Baddest “Badder to the Bone” review

American Blues Scene probably did my first major review and interview with me back in 2015 on the heels of launching “Breaking And Entering.” That Blues-rock debut along with the press it generated landed me here…

“The operatically trained Neals hasn’t lost a lick since she first flew into our radar some seven years ago. Her keyboard prowess perfectly lays the chassis for a batch of high end friends to build upon. Her vocals, oh, that voice, has all the grit of 12 miles of bad road, while supplying enough power to light the Motor City for the next decade.”

I know how to sing or sang as some people call it, there is no way back for me now, I can’t undo what I do no matter how hard I try. Performing in Detroit where I was the only Armenian woman among Black Americans gave me the confidence to sing with my natural voice and I was rewarded with a DBMA for doing just that.

“Tremolo heavy guitar work accents the spooky “Bucket of Tears.” It’s a love-gone-wrong song with a sinister sound that displays Neals’ songwriting skills across several genres. Davis lays down some clean, classic guitar work on the hand-clapping shuffle “Got a Gun.” This is a no nonsense, straight up warning to lovers who try to take advantage. It may just be the last thing they do.”

‘Bucket of Tears’ co-produced by Michael Puwal is one of my favorite songs. I wanted to create a new song with elements of old songs that fit right into my style. Mike P was right on it with his tremolo and this song sprang forth while I was touring Florida. Good friend Billy ‘JC’ Davis got to hang out with me one day and we hit the studio that night for the recording of “Got A Gun.” It’s a real funny song and a good time all wraped up in one check out the Behind the Scenes.

“The only cover on the record is the interminably classic, “Can’t Find My Way Home.” Written by Steve Winwood and included on the eponymous Blind Faith album in 1969, it was lauded by critics, becoming a near instant classic. Although it’s been covered by celebrated artists from Bonnie Raitt and Alison Krauss to jazz mavens Alana Davis and Rachael Price, nobody, and I do mean nobody has done it like this.”

I’m going to leave this right here as there is so much more to read. American Blues Scene has once again listened patiently and wrote with a talented ear for music. Thank You ABS!