22 April 2022
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“Blues Rock Review” sexy ‘Badder to the Bone’ review

Wonderful to get so many reviews in at the same time. BLUES ROCK REVIEW  just dropped their great review of “Badder to the Bone” and here are some excerpts:

“The best guitar track goes to “King Kong.” Man, I am so amazed. Everything about this track is a masterpiece. It made me headbang and want to dance when I heard the song. The backing vocals are outstanding too. I love the epic high note at the end. If this was a single review, I’ll rate this 10/10.

The longest and one of the sexiest tracks on the album is “Queen of the Nile” (feat. Lance Lopez & Peter Keys). Eliza’s vocals are so sassy and powerful. It has a longer length because of the guitar solo and backing vocals. What I like about this track is the background effects that gave a smooth listening…”

Lance Lopez who performed on both of these tracks just loved these words as well as I do. Great to have confirmation on the songs I wrote, arranged, produced and mixed. I know this world can be dismissive but the reviews have reflected all the hard work of the last two years. Now back to the review:

“Fueling Me Up”, on the other hand, surprised me with its high and sudden opening line “Fueling me Up!” with backing vocals but without intro instruments. The song is an energy booster because of its lines “Boy you make me hotter and hotter” and the rest is history.

Lastly, the love song “Can’t Find My Way Home” has a lonely theme with no sexuality but has an alternative fast beat part in the outro section. When I first heard this track, It reminded me of “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne. This emotional song could have some violin and piano, but Eliza still focused on the blues rock genre. It really shows that she’s a queen of blues rock.”

THANK YOU BBR you can read this great review and many more over on the BLUES ROCK REVIEW website and dig all the writing.