25 June 2019
Eliza Neals live performances are stunning

Thank You “Buddy Guy’s Legends” 2nd SOLD OUT Show !

Sold Out and Standing Room Only show in the heart of the Chicago Blues Scene. “Buddy Guy’s Legends” new blues and blues-rock music fans have spoken again. Thank you for letting everyone know who they come out to see even on a late Sunday evening after the rain.

Their are special places all across the world, each one with it’s own touch of magic. For Blues music fans ‘Buddy Guy’s Legends’ at 700 S Wabash in downtown Chicago is one of those places. Opening in 1989 after managing and operating the ‘Checkerboard Lounge’ (1972) Buddy truly knows what he is doing for the music lovers around the world. Bands always get treated special at Legend’s but add in the super food aka gumbo, jambalaya, chicken, ribs, catfish po’boys and greens, uh I’m a mess.

Yes some people snuck their cameras in to video and no you as a patron are not supposed to do that. Only Bands can film their performance so there’s that. I also want to thank the many fans who got my albums, custom denim jackets and t-shirts signed. Thank you for waiting in line for my merch… here’s my recap on instagram.

Now so many young people have any idea about the blues and that is a shame but clubs like this extraordinary one run magnificently have stood the test of time. I am grateful to play to real fans of the music I perform and know that I’m reaching for the stars with the help of true music lovers. Like last time we will be back to blues-rock your socks off and have that special magic you are looking for in music.


Eliza Neals standing room only show in the most famous blues club in the USA Buddy Guy’s Legends

Wonderful standing room only crowd for Eliza Neals killer blues-rock music inside Buddy Guy’s Legends!

Eliza Neals pre-show sold-out Buddy Guys Legends in 2019

Eliza signs a bunch of albums during the break to adoring fans