31 October 2016

Thank You Rockwood + DARWIN’S + Camping with the BLUES + Funky Biscuit and BRI!

THANK YOU FANS AND VENUES #RagingtheBlues tour has come to an end for now and we are headed back into the studio for November! Here are a few cool photos and some video from the road!


DARWIN’s Burgers and Blues Club! Such an iconic club in Georgia, thrilled to have played here multiple time and enjoy not only the fans we have created but the atmosphere and food is great too. Good to see everyone and try out some of the new songs for the album everyone was beyond pleased. “The Blues Embassy” is Darryl and Senora Lee’s beautiful home in GA it’s a music place and must stop for anyone from Detroit in the music scene!

eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-01eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-01_mweliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-11eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-02_mweliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-14eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_camping-with-the-blues_2016-06Our first time at “Camping with the Blues” such a fun festival in Brooksville Florida! We got to put on a show as you can see from the photos! Thank you Margret White for your photos and BOSK Photos for your wonderful work! Video coming soon and we look forward to returning to give the RockBlues world a BluesRock Jam!

eiza-neals_blues-radio-international-2016-02CLICK FOR VIDEOeiza-neals_blues-radio-international-2016-01eiza-neals_blues-radio-international-2016-03BLUES RADIO INTERNATIONAL! VIDEO HERE Such a good time on BRI shortwave radio to 120 countries around the world! Great to perform new music! Don’t forget to check the video and thanks Jesse!

eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-31eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-01eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-08eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-18eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-36What a time… what a time! Thank You FUNKY BISCUIT what a time! New music with my kick ass musicians Howard Glazer on blues guitar and Demarcus Sumter on Drums! Great to be a featured Artist with host Mark Telesca on BASS (see him in photos) bring us together! Mr. Al Poliak (the owner) jumped up on the Hammond B3 while the house band piano player Mr. Tom Regis filled in on keys! Video Soon and Wow thanks to all my Florida people for making our night rock!eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-crowdeliza-neals-and-the-narcotics_funky-biscuit-2016-13Shout out to JAY SKOLNICK Photography! Click here to see his amazing work!