12 May 2018

25,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners for “Eliza Neals” Detroit Blues & BluesRock!

Showin up first by “Messin With a Fool” then “Breaking and Entering” to my latest “10,000 Feet Below” I have steadily broken into my own audience of listeners on Spotify! 

I’m up against a wall of people who create  so it’s just exciting to be discovered again on a different platform. Not just  for one song but for many different playlists. 

Spotify Curated Playlist “In the Name of the Blues” now over 300,000 followers per month has included my Jan 2018 release “Another Lifetime.” Cool to be included among the greats of the current touring blues artists.

In March I ended up on “Women of the Blues” with many of my friends who I have seen perform live and hung out with over the years. International Women’s Day – Month 2018 was a highlight with this Spotify Curated Playlist! “You Ain’t My Dog No More” rang true!

Now the cool stuff? Well somehow I missed this one but I’m on Spotify’s “Nu-Blue” with “Another Lifetime”! I’m beyond thrilled as there are so many other playlist I’m on and people listen and share. Thank you Music Fans thank you Spotify thank you listeners of real music made the hard way…