20 May 2020

Americana Highways strength “Eliza Neals” interview

“Americana Highways: How do you feel the new album compares to previous work you’ve done?… Eliza Neals: This album is going to be more sentimental – a lot of stuff coming from way, way back. I think it’s more heartfelt. More like a confessional. That’s different. Of course I have some different guests like the blues icon Joe Louis Walker. And also the blues-rock Derek St. Holmes from all the hits from Ted Nugent, wrote a song for Koko Taylor. It’s a mixture of those two sounds. It’s a lot of confessional stuff.”

Americana Highways gave me a interview early on in my decition to move up “Black Crow Moan” from a late May release to an early April release. I could see my shows canceling and the world falling apart. The only thought for me was what are my music lover fans going to do?

“AH: Your fans can probably sense the authenticity in that.

EN: The fans tell me how much they love it, and how much it comforts them when I sing certain things with just me and the piano. I go out on a limb, and it’s almost like walking around naked. When I’ve played these songs live, some fans have said, “Wow! That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much.”

“Black Crow Moan” has again been a journey to complete. I wrote these songs not knowing their order or who would play the guitar parts or if it was going to be acoustic or full band. The songs evolved and I took some over to Popa Chubby and let him produce a batch that ended up being “Sweet Or Mean.” I then finished the new songs on my own produced my way. Thanks for the interview Americana Highways 😉