23 May 2020

Rock Doctor’s “Black Crow Moan” dynamite review

“As a singer, this Detroit girl sounds like a cross between Alannah Myles and Sass Jordan, but I like what Blues Scene said about her last year even better; “Trained in opera but with the grit of Koko Taylor, Neals’ voice is like sand in a velvet bag, fired from a shotgun.” A more accurate description has never been offered in the 30+ years I’ve been writing album reviews. Lots of great guests helped Eliza realize this particular vision, this blues storm washed up on golden grotto beaches in times of rage including guitarist Joe Louis Walker, and Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugent’s band. Eliza, coupled with Joe & Derek and all the others involved in the making of Black Crow Moan, are sitting on a keg of dynamite, and they know it.”

Two years yes that’s how long it took me even thought “Watch me fly” was started in 2017 on tour in the UK. Creating anything great takes a bit of your soul no matter what it is. BluesRock on the other hand is specific it has to be good or it’s just one or the other, not both.

“Being out of work and essentially confined to the house has been wearing me down as I’m sure it has you too; but listening to great albums like Eliza Neal’s Black Crow Moan gives me hope and makes me glad to be alive. This is just fuckin’ great.”

That’s the feeling I was aiming for! I had no idea this crazy time in our life “covid-19” would pass, what a nightmare. Rock Doctor did get the blues I’m dishing out and it’s sad but good at the same time of the consequences. Thanks for listening