30 May 2020

ZicaZine dream team “Black Crow Moan” Review

Super cool review from ZicaZine 
“Coming from the Detroit blues scene but appreciated at its true value throughout the United States, Eliza Neals is a complete singer that the public often compares to a subtle cross between Etta James and Janis Joplin and who never stops accumulating awards but also collaborations since the greatest musicians are many to join her on her various outings. Skilled in the art of songwriting but also in the way he plays keyboards, the blueswoman returns less than a year after her last effort, “Sweet Or Mean”, this time with a real album where we find the gratin of the American scene through guitarists like Mike Puwal and Howard Glazer but also bassists like Chuck Bartels, Jason Kott , Lenny Bradford and John Abraham and drummers such as John Medeiros Jr, Skeeto Valdez, Demarcus Sumter, Jeffrey ”Shakey” Fowlkes or Brian Clune. Add the organists Bruce Bears and Jim Alfredson but also Joe Louis Walker and Derek St. Holmes, the guitarist of Ted Nugent, as guests on two tracks each, and you have on hand a dream team that will let go without counting to serve us a blues tinged with rock, rhythm’n’blues, soul or even gospel relying on no less than nine original pieces but also on a cover of the “Ball And Chain” Big Mama Thornton. Elegant in shuffles, brilliant on slow blues, irresistible on boogies, Eliza Neals lets a real feeling shine through through the words of titles like “Why You Ooglin’ Me”, “The Devil Don’t Love You”, “Run Sugar Run”, “Never Stray” and of course “Black Crow Moan”, a real nugget that gives its name to an album of great quality! Available since April … ” Fred Deforge ZicaZine