03 April 2018

Big Blues-Rock Thank You ‘The Turning Point’ Piermont NY

Our “first time in” The Turning Point in Piermont, NY was just a blues-rock party. So good to perform to a near sold-out house. We did a solid 2 hours set front to back and it felt amazing as everyone had a super time.

First off I want to thank my musicians, Howard Glazer “The Razor” on guitar, Demarcus Sumter on Drums and Guest Chris Vega on Bass. We stood we sat we played acoustic, soft then loud with all the trimmings and extra gravy. We played a super set of blues and some great Blues-Rock just what the doctor ordered for a Saturday night in a sleepy town off the Hudson river.

Really special to play “Cold Cold Night” and a few others acoustic get the feeling from the audience and then deliver the lyrics as if they are ready to sing along with you. Intimate rooms like this are always just special and will always hold memories.


We got lively and I turn on the tambourines show em how it’s done while evoking the spirit of the many musicians who have graced this historic stage. Along with John Mayall who this joint is named after (The Turning Point – Album) there’s all this music history like Robert Cray, Richie Havens, Bela Fleck, Joan Osborne, Arlo Guthrie and over 45 Members of the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame. Hey what can you say.

Ok so it looks like we will return in 6-8 months so stay frosty (tuned) lol and it looks like “Eliza Neals and the Narcotics” will be back in town to lay it down. Thanks again John we’re happy you and your staff enjoyed our modern blues, electric blues, acoustic blues, rock blues, psychedelic rock that went non-stop last Saturday night. Here’s the advert from the home page of “The Turning Point”… see you soon xx