03 March 2017

Blues Again made for clapping review “10,000 Feet Below”

“This woman is a tornado ripped out, the image of Beth Hart she is also pianist and plays the organ. Ten songs and a cover of Skip James ‘Hard Killing Floor’ can be found on the eleven tracks of this album. Blues sound is irrigated by a rock power highlighted by the most excellent guitarist Howard Glazer, who has electricity at your fingertips. Two other guitarists are invited to speak, on ‘At The Crossroads’ it’s Billy Davis (Hank Ballard, Jimi Hendrix), on ‘Cold Cold Night’ acoustic guitar it’s Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter). For this album, the singer has used five drummers and four bassists. In the introduction, she offers us a “Cleotus’ with just two guitars (including a slide) and the hand beat. Simple and effective. It’s after, on ‘Another Lifetime’ a slow ballad that she began to show its capabilities of “Howleuse”. With ‘Burn The Tent Down’ we are in the register of the blues-rock to the heavy riffs. ‘10,000 Feet Below’ is made for clapping during the concerts with his shots well marked by the drummer. ‘You Ain t My Dog No More’ is hard-Blues with the present slide, as the George Thorogood in the feminine. This CD is made for the tireless, those who like intense energy.”

Thank You BluesAgain keep on clapping your hands!

Thank You