20 December 2017

Blues and Co #82 Electrifying Powerful Blues-Rock “10,000 Feet Below”

Eliza Neals is an electrifying songstress and she brings together a range of stars to deliver “10,000 Feet Below” a collection of blues-rock that is powerful enough to make you fall if you’re not careful. Neals is based in Detroit plus Jersey City and goes around the world with her group the Narcotics which has another blues rock gutarist from the motor city Howard Glazer on guitar. She is joined here by guitarist Billy Davis (Jimi Hendrix) of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter). The rhythm section includes Skeeto Valdez (Johnnie Bassett and Trey Anastasio.) Bryan Clune, Demarcus Sumter, John Medeiros, Paul Randolph, Lenny Bradford (Joe Louis Walker) Mike Griot, John Abraham, who roll the bass. Neals focuses on piano keyboards, Hammond B3, Rhodes and participates on tambourine.

But Eliza remains the star in a collection of ten originals and one cover that remains faithful to the blues format but which plays with the traditional limits. She poses in a totally unique and sensibly adjusted voice to different aspects of the genre.

The album begins with “Cleotus” a recollection,  inspired by the guitar. A guitar line and sexy voice introduces “Another Lifetime”, a slow blues burner with voodoo connotations.
The action unfolds dramatically for “Burn The Tent Down.” The title track “10,000 Feet Below,” recounting the return of the underworld is a blast of energy. Neal’s pyro vocal technique introduces “You ain’t my Dog No More” then Paul Nelson enters on “Cold Cold Night,” a slow blues wishing to be heard.
“Hard Killing Floor” written by Skip James undergoes a totally new and modern arrangement, before Howard Glazer comes back to surf on “Call Me Mooshine.” Voodoo imagery returns to “Downhill on a Rocket,” a slow descent into hell, before Eliza delivers “Merle Dixon” a tribute to a main character of The Walking Dead. We finish this album with a blues rock original tune “At The Crossroads,” featuring guitarist Billy Davis.

10,000 Feet Below is a great one way ticket to the most Rock side of the Blues ….


This year has turned out to be spectacular thank you music writers!